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Permanent cable penetrations are structures that are designed to pass cable lines through vertical and horizontal openings in building structures.They can be used for permanent fire safety of networks stretched through walls, ceilings, partitions with a fire resistance limit of up to 90 minutes .

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  • Permanent cable penetrant
  • Field of application

    Designed to prevent fire propagation along cable lines through walls, partitions and floorings. Intended to use in spaces with relative humidity up to 100% and outdoor at temperature from -50°C to +60°C.

    Fire protection material description

    OGRAX-KP® multifunctional cable penetration seal is a construction composed of mineral wool boards and OGRAXVV ® fire protection intumescent material. Available in two variations: for vertical and horizontal openings.


    Thickness of mineral wool boards
    50 mm
    Coating thickness of OGRAX-VV® on cables and boards, mm
    0,8 mm

    Theoretical consumption

    OGRAX-VV® intumescent material
    32 kg
    Mineral wool boards (м3)
    0,12 m2

    Storage and operation conditions

    Service life
    at least 40 years


    Consumption of OGRAX-KP® material for cable penetration installation is calculated individually for each facility. The table shows theoretical consumption for opening 1м2 in the area.