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A flame-retardant thermally expanding material is a dispersed system based on a polymer and mineral fillers in an organic solvent.

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Intercalated graphite-based
  • Weatherproof one-component materia l
  • Possible pre-installation application
  • Operation without primer is possible
  • Field of application

    This material is aimed to improve fire resistance of steel structures under exposed conditions, in damp, unheated, humid areas and in closed heated areas at temperatures from -60°C to + 60°C and humidity up to 100%.


    a mixture of xylene and acetone
    Expansion ratio
    at least 1 500 %
    Dry residue
    Dry coating density
    1,3±0,2 g/cm3м 3

    Fire protection material description

    Fire protection intumescent material is disperse system based on polymer and mineral fillers in organic solvent. Swells when heated (about +250 °С) and forms a protective layer from coked cellular material with low conductivity, which prevents heating of steel structures. The coating is non-toxic, emits no harmful substances when heated, does not form toxic compounds on contact with other substances and under the influence of other factors. It is delivered ready to use in metal containers with tightfitting lids. OGRAX-MSК was certified in accordance with the Technical Regulations on fire safety requirements (Federal Law №123 dated 22 July 2008), the test method as per GOST R 53295-2009.

    Storage and operating conditions

    Storage and transportation
    in a tightly closed container at temperature from -60 °C to + 60 °C °C;
    Guaranteed shelf life
    one year after manufacture date

    Application method

    • Mix thoroughly prior to application.
    • Use airless spray to apply layer by layer, or apply with a roller or a brush.
    • The air temperature during the application should be between -25°C and +50°C, maximum relative humidity 85%.
    • Protected surface should be dry and free from dirt, rust, old paint, etc. The material may be applied to primed or un-primed surface.
    • Use personal protective equipment. In case of contact with eyes rinse them thoroughly with water.
    • Drying period between layers is 2-3 hours, complete drying in 2-3 days.