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Fire and bio protective impregnation composition «OGRAX-PD-2». It is a water-based liquid that is used to protect the exterior and interior of wooden structures in residential, public, commercial and industrial buildings. In addition to fire protection, the composition performs an additional antiseptic function, which allows you to prevent damage to the tree by mold and wood-coloring fungi.

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  • Impregnation
  • 1st group of fire retardant efficiency
  • For outdoor use
  • Field of application

    This material is used for fire protection of timber exterior and interior structures of residential, industrial, administrative buildings and also for timber preservation aimed at preventing wood-staining and mold fungi.


    Theoretical consumption
    300 g/m22

    Fire protection material description

    Water-based biological fire-protection material is designed to operate in closed spaces and exposed condtitions at temperatures from -60°C to +60°C.

    The coating is non-toxic, emits no harmful substances when heated, does not form toxic compounds on contact with other substances and under influence of other factors. The material is delivered ready to use in plastic containers with tight lids.

    OGRAX-PD-2® was certified for compliance with Technical Regulations of Fire Safety Requirements (Federal Law №123 from 22 July 2008), test method as per GOST R 53292-2009. Effective biosecurity level is ensured as per GOST 30028.4-2006.

    Storage and operation conditions

    Storage and transportation
    in tightly closed containers at temperature from -60 °C to +40 °C.
    Guaranteed shelf life
    five years after manufacture date in original packaging
    Coating service life in outdoor conditions
    10 years
    Coating service life in closed spaces
    15 years

    Application method

    • Composition must be mixed prior to application.
    • Surface to be protected must be cleaned.
    • Apply with a roller, a brush or spray.
    • The air temperature during the application should be above +5 °C, maximum relative humidity 85%.
    • Use personal protection equipment (mask, goggles). In case of contact with eyes and skin, rinse thoroughly with running water.
    • Treated surfaces dry out in natural conditions within 24 hours. The surface may be lacquered, painted, enameled by any compounds after 10-15 days.