«FIRE PROOF TECHNOLOGY» offers high-quality fire protection works for all materials, structures and products.

Our materials and services will help minimize the risks of building collapse during a fire and the spread of fire.

Highly qualified personnel, availability of modern technical base and proven technologies of fire-resistant treatment allow «FIRE PROOF TECHNOLOGY» specialists to carry out fire protection works in compliance with all fire safety requirements at objects of any complexity category.

Before the start of work, our company's engineering staff will conduct a thorough survey of the site, develop a project and calculate the cost of fire-resistant treatment of structures or cable routes.

At the same time, all the requirements of existing regulations will be taken into account, and special technical Specifications can also be developed for a specific object.

If it is necessary to apply fire protection to supporting structures, the project will be approved in all necessary instances.

Qualified and experienced personnel, proven technology for applying fire-resistant coatings allow you to carry out fire protection work on objects of any complexity category in compliance with all fire safety requirements.